Monday, September 12, 2011

F) characteristics of phylum Diplopoda:

   1)  It includes animals with thousand legs or millipedes.
   2)  Its  body is cylindrical, subcylindrical, elongated and capable of being 
      rolled up.
  3)  Body is divided into three parts head, thorax and abdomen.
  4)  Head consist of five segments, thorax of four segments and abdomen of 
       20 to 100 segments.
  5)  Head has a pair of antennae , one pair of mandible and a pair of maxillae.
  6) Each thorax segments has a pair of legs while each abdominal segments
       bear two pairs of legs.
  7)They do not bear poison claws.
  8)     They are herbivorous in feeding habit.
  9)     They have gonopores mid-ventrally situated on 3rd abdominal segment.

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